About HyFlo

HyFlo LLC is the premium source for all your fire protection needs. We provide system components for automatic fire alarm and fire fighting systems. Our products are UL & FM approved, inspected right here in the USA. We focus on exporting specifically to the Middle East, Africa, and Mediterranean areas. Therefore we are familiar with import laws in most countries in those regions and are able to plan according; avoiding potential issues which could delay goods from getting to the end user in a timely manner. We can also ship a large variety of products right to your door!

Excellent customer service is what turns out customers to long-term business partners. We promise to provide the quality service your company deserves. Feel free to email us any questions, comments, concerns: We guarantee a personal response in less than 24 hours!

The following is a list of just some of the system components that we can get to you quickly and efficiently. You can contact us by clicking on the CONTACT US tab and letting us know how we can help you.



Valves (Types: Alarm, Riser Check, Check, Deluge, Dry, Low Pressure Dry)

Commercial Quick Response Sprinklers

Commercial Standard Response Sprinklers

Pilot Line Detectors

Spray Nozzles


Sprinkler Guards

Sprinkler Alarm

Automatic pressure maintenance device

Air Compressor (for sprinkler systems)

Accelerator with testing device

Nitrogen Regulating Device

Control Valve Seal

Deluge Preaction/ Supertrol Systems

PrePaK Systems




Pipe supports

Sway bracing

Test and Drain systems

Waterflow Detector

Supervisory Switch


Clean Agent Suppression Systems

HFC227EA and FM200 Cylinders – Clean gas Agent used for Fire Fighting

CO2 Systems

Rupture disks

Rupture Disk accessories

Rupture Disc Burst Indicators

Special Holders



Pre-assembly Screws


Baffle Plate

Gauge Tap

Excess Flow Valve

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire Alarms (audible/visual) Notification System

Conventional Detections Systems

Water flow switch

Tamper Switch

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